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Repair Services

Needs introduction, timeframe information, possible rough pricing estimates for some services, maby some details about which models can and can’t be done for specific services…..

TopDigital SLR Sensor Cleaning
All digital slr cameras will eventually need to have the sensor cleaned.  If you never take the lens off the camera, dust still works its way onto the sensor unit.  No matter how hard you protect your camera from dust, it is an issue even with the professional cameras.  I can clean your camera’s sensor and I can usually do it the same day.  If you ship your camera to me I can either clean your camera and sensor the same day or by the next day and get it back to you promptly.
TopShutter replacement

If the shutter fails, then it will need to be replaced.  I can replace the shutter unit in your camera.  I have most shutter units on hand and can turn the repair around in a couple of days.  If I have to order it, this usually takes a couple of days to receive it from the factory.  New shutter units are preadjusted at the factory so no adjustments are needed.  This repair includes cleaning the camera and sensor.

TopLCD window replacement

If the rear display (lcd) window is scratched or cracked, I can replace it.  This repair requires the rear panel to be removed so that the lcd window can be removed and replaced.  This repair can be done in a day or two and includes cleaning the camera and sensor.

TopLens cleaning and repair

Has your lens sustained impact damage? Is the zoom sticking or stiff?  Does your lens need cleaning due to internal dust or fungus?  Is the lens mount broken?  I can repair or clean your lens.  Most lenses can be affordably repaired.

TopFlash shoe replacement

If the flash shoe on your Canon or Nikon flash unit is cracked or broken, I can replace it.

TopFilm camera SLR light shield replacement

Alot of older film cameras have deteriorating film door light shields that need to be replaced to maintain a light tight film compartment for the film. This along with the mirror cushion can be replaced back to good working order in a very short turnaround time frame.

TopSome digital point and shoot repairs

I do some digital point and shoot camera repairs depending on the problem, parts availabilitly and cost.  Please contact me for further information on your specific problem, make and model.

TopCamera parts sales

I have many new and used parts available for sale and can order as well.  Please contact me for further information on your particular need.